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Heavy Equipment- 5 Hidden Costs You Should Know About Before You Buy!

By Darren Slaughter

With the steady increase in construction projects nationwide year after year, it’s no wonder the average price of the typical piece of heavy equipment is over $135,000. Let’s face it; we wouldn’t be able to get our jobs done if we didn’t have these behemoths available. But there are some hidden costs within their benefits.

Technology --

The technology used in heavy equipment is far beyond anything we have seen in the past and the costs to hire someone to operate a particular piece of equipment is skyrocketing. The national average for a heavy equipment operator is in the $60,000 range.

Maintenance --

Powerful heavy equipment is useless if there is no around to fix it. Working with heavy equipment is no easy task. If your company has purchased some type of machinery that has no maintenance agreement included, one major repair jobsite can wipe out the profit you had built into the project.

Theft --

Every year, millions of dollars worth of heavy equipment is stolen from the job site. Heavy equipment is tempting for thieves. The stolen heavy equipment is either parted out or taken to another area where it is sold or used by another business.

Underutilization --

When heavy equipment is underutilized your costs of acquisition skyrocket and your loss in value is occurring unnecessarily. Heavy equipment is not a cheap undertaking and you should find ways to maximize the value of your machinery. One thing to consider is renting or leasing your equipment when it is idle.

Worker injury --

Construction equipment is inherently dangerous to work around, especially for employees on foot. While heavy equipment is being operated, potentially dangerous materials may be present, electric circuits may be live, flammable or noxious liquids or gases and other potential dangers will exist. How are you prepared for these events should one occur? Remember: The best policy around heavy equipment is to take no chances.

As you see there are other things you need to consider as your fleet of heavy construction equipment grows and there are no easy answers. Talk to others in your area about how they manage their inventory and how they maintain, operate, move, and utilize their equipment.

What You Need to Know About Machinery Equipment

By Jitesh Arora

Construction equipment should be durable and reliable to withstand challenges in any part of a project. Challenges could include weather conditions, heavy loads, time of use, and other demands in the construction industry. Heavy machinery equipment are known to be Godzilla's in the field of construction.

But for a construction company, it is enough for machinery equipment to accomplish a task? The answer would be, "NO". These heavy machines should accomplish odds and be present for a longer period of time for a company to earn a good return of investment. There are machinery equipment that do not last for long and are considered a waste of investment. This is the reason why buyers should consider purchasing reliable and durable machines.

These machines are not easily found and transported. Most of these machinery equipment are imported from countries known to be producers of heavy equipment. Among these countries are from Asia including China and Taiwan. Heavy equipment imported from these countries are widely used in constructions all over the world. There are also western countries manufacturing machinery equipment that are imported on several countries through out the globe.

Among the major users of heavy machinery equipment are the drilling companies. The drilling industry is in great demand for machines that can withstand the test of nature. Well known company such as Caterpillar is among the great contributors of the success of the industry. They are using wide collections of heavy machinery including backhoes, compactor, crane, dozer, loader, and several other heavy machines.

Machinery equipment are also widely used in mining and farming. These activities require heavy machinery to accomplish tasks. Mining is a fast growing industry and have employed millions of workers around the world. Most employees of mining companies are heavy machinery operators who are very skillful in controlling, driving, and using these monstrous size machines.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Discount Construction Equipment

Discount construction equipment plays an important role in increasing the sale of construction equipment in the market. Discounts are one of the recent marketing practices introduced to increase the sale of construction equipment. Depending on the availability, the equipment can be purchased from any of the local stores, authorized dealers, or online stores.

Construction equipment includes lawn and garden tractors, riding and walk-behind mowers, gator utility vehicles, commercial mowing equipment, and compact utility tractors. Both light and heavy construction equipment are available at discount prices. Heavy construction equipment include cranes, bulldozers, well drilling machinery, cable plows, generators, loaders, earthmoving equipment, scrapers, draglines, rollers, and light towers. Used construction equipment is also available at discount prices.

There are a number of manufacturers producing a large selection of quality construction equipment at discount rates. Retail stores have clearance sales at certain times of the year and they clean-up old stocks to make room for fresh items. This is the best time to get quality construction equipment at exceptional prices. Some companies offer discounts while introducing new products. As a result they can gain publicity and attract customers. If you purchase construction equipment in wholesale, great discounts can be availed.

Discount rates vary as per the procedures and policies of each manufacturer. Due to the use of standard materials, there is an extensive improvement in the quality of construction equipment. Technological advance and severe price pressures have changed the selling pattern of these items.

The Internet is an ideal platform for finding the finest prices for discount construction equipments. Today, almost all companies have online shopping facilities for their construction equipment. Additionally, there are several websites that carry high quality discount construction equipment. Online stores are able to provide their products at discount prices because they do not have to pay monthly rent for store space like the department stores do. Most of them provide free shipping.

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Tips On Buying Used Backhoes For Sale

By Ed Greene

The backhoe is the most ingenious piece of modern construction equipment on the market today. It's versatile and flexible and comes with a broad range of attachments that aid with digging and excavation.

When looking to buy used backhoes for sale, one of the first things to consider after you're done a test drive, is the proper inspection of the used backhoe. This insures, as much as possible, that it is free of any mechanical, hydraulic or electrical problems.

For instance, new paint jobs can look good, but are sometimes used to cover up more serious problems. Look for signs of fluid leaks and concealed rust spots to find potential problems. Check underneath the vehicle for evidence of leaks. Inspect hoses and valves before and after the test drive, so you can easily spot fresh leaks.

Used backhoes are much cheaper than brand new ones, but you must take into consideration the maintenance costs. Make sure that you are given any necessary new and used parts that belong to the backhoe in order to keep it in top shape.

If the used backhoe for sale is purchased from an equipment dealer, sign a service contract with the dealer, whereby they have several parts departments within your state. In this way, wherever you find yourself with your used backhoe, the service will be nearby with the parts needed.

Before buying a used backhoe for sale from a private individual, ask a dealer or manufacturer for a checklist of what you should know and/or be looking for, to insure good decision making.

Making calculations when purchasing a good used backhoe, is paramount in your decision making. The number of hours used should be one of the main criteria when estimating the price, because you do not want to end up spending more money in the long run. In other words, the more the hours the less the price.

In order to make this determination, get new backhoe pricing info versus used backhoe pricing info on the brand you have chosen, from a manufacturer, or go online and surf the web to find this information, and use it as a guide towards a good buying decision.

OSHA rules require specific training and safety procedures for operating all heavy machinery and that would include used backhoes. So, get that training from a dealer or a recommended third-party source.

With these few tips in mind and your good judgment, you should be able to find a used backhoe for sale that can still get the job done.

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